Instructor Bio

portraitWhen I’m not sleeping or obliged to do my day job, you’ll most likely find me skating around town. In other words, I’m an inline skating fanatic!

I simply can’t imagine a more enjoyable, beneficial activity: the serene calm of freestylegliding along smooth pavement… the exhilaration of jumps and aggressive slides… the fun of freestyle slaloming… and all while getting a great workout, exploring the city, or running errands!

Equal to my passion for skating, is my desire to share that sense of joy and empowerment with everyone else. With my enthusiasm, empathy, and skating insights, I’ve helped many students to reach their skating goals safely, quickly and confidently.

I give lessons in Cambridge, MA . I’m a SkateIA-certified instructor (since 2006) and teach a wide range of skills – from the basic stride / turn / stop for someone who’s just starting out, to more advanced skills such as backward skating, freestyle slalom, and basic slides,  jumps and grinds for those who already know the basics.

jumpIn addition to individual and group lessons, I’ve
taught many groups of all ages through events such as Camp RollerbladeRollerblade’s Skate In School In-Service, Skate In-Service for Boston public schools, and a Green Transportation Fair at the Boston Children’s Museum.  Finally, in addition to teaching, I’ve organized skating competitions since 2010 (most recently, Cambridge SkateFest), and have skated in a PSA commercial for the city of Boston.

Please contact me if you’re interested in taking a lesson or have any questions!

Jun's Inline Skating ("Rollerblading") Lessons in Cambridge / Boston, MA