Camp Skate IA 2014 Conference & Workshop

From Skate IA:

“For all skaters, for skate instructors and non skate instructors. 3 days of classes, dance party, learning, skating and super fun time.

Skaters at all levels can join us for CAMP Skate IA 2014 Workshop & conference. It’s your chance to go to CAMP! Event runs September 12-14. There will be instructor-only classes and handouts for each of the classes taught so you can learn new moves & learn how to teach them. Level 1 & Level 2 & Freestyle Slalom certifications happen on Sept 14/15/16. The event runs three full days so you will need to come in the day before and leave the day after – logistics on getting to the location require this.

Go to CAMP! Immerse yourself in all things skating.”

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